Stick around

Once you’re in mysuper you’re welcome to stay, even after you leave ACC. You get access to our low fees, high performing funds and your money when you like. Win, win, win.

Contributions continue

Contributing once you've left ACC is possible and easy to set up direct from your bank account. 

Fees stay low

Enjoy our exceptionally low, not-for-profit fees even when you leave ACC. If your savings are significant, this can be a real factor in deciding which scheme to choose.

Funds remain high

Keep a good thing going. Stick with mysuper to benefit from high-performing funds, consistently in the top 3 of all KiwiSaver schemes. You can change your fund anytime, at the same cost to staff.

Insurance all yours

If you added on mysuper life and income protection insurance to your account, it will stop once you leave ACC. To continue it personally but not through mysuper, contact before you go.

Savings all ready

Sticking with mysuper means you’ll be able to access any unlocked savings after you leave ACC. That means reinvesting your money when its right for you, up to four times a year. There’s no cost, just a form to fill in and a few rules that apply.

Easy as

Want to stay in mysuper after leaving ACC? Simply fill in a Stay in mysuper form and we’ll adjust your account accordingly.

it takes less time than making a cup of tea