What is mysuper?

mysuper is a not for profit workplace savings scheme just for ACC staff.  We have over 3,470 Members and we manage over $207 million dollars of their retirement savings. For over 27 years we’ve been helping ACC staff save for a more enjoyable retirement. 

The mysuper offer

mysuper is independent and not for profit workplace savings scheme just for ACC staff.  While mysuper’s not a KiwiSaver scheme, we do comply with the KiwiSaver Act 2006, so if you choose to make locked in contributions you can access many of the KiwiSaver benefits. 

You can find out more about what mysuper offers in our current Product Disclosure Statement and how it works here (this is a replacement Product Disclosure Statement for mysuper).


Lower fees

Just like KiwiSaver and banks, fees are charged by mysuper.  But because we’re not for profit we only charge you what you what it costs to manage your mysuper account, nothing more. 

You can find out more about how fees are charged and how they compare to KiwiSaver here.


Who manages mysuper?

The Manager and Trustee of mysuper is Shamrock Superannuation Limited, a wholly owned Crown entity subsidiary of ACC. 

Shamrock is responsible for overseeing mysuper, choosing the investment managers and looking after the interests of the mysuper members.  The assets of mysuper are held in trust by Shamrock to be invested, administered and applied in accordance with the mysuper Trust Deed .


Who will be investing my retirement savings?

Our Member’s trust mysuper to manage their retirement savings so choosing the right investment managers is very important to us.  mysuper’s five investment options are managed by three of New Zealand’s leading investment managers – AMP Capital, Salt Funds Management, and Fisher Funds (to access PIMCO).

You can find out more about the investment policy and objectives of mysuper by reading our Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO). The SIPO explains how the investment managers invest your retirement savings.

You can also find out more about the ethical investment policy mysuper and our investment managers follow here.


How’s mysuper investment performance?

You can see how each of our five investment options has performed here.   You can read our Annual Reports here.