Every care in the world

Although mysuper investment is all about you, it helps to know the impact you’re having on the world is good too. We use ethical and responsible investing as our guiding platform and moral compass.


Environment, social and governance considerations (also known as ESG) are what we take into account when practicing ethical and responsible investing. These allow us to make better informed decisions around risks and opportunities, to generate sustainable long-term returns.

Our investment managers are monitored to ensure there is no investment in munitions, tobacco, landmines, adult entertainment or gambling.

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Trusted people

The people we select to manage your funds are the good sort. Four purposefully-picked companies who understand where we stand and manage your investments accordingly.

You can trust AMP Capital, Salt Funds Management, Fisher Funds Management and Implemented Investment Solutions (access to PIMCO) to carry out mysuper’s Statement of Investment Policy and Objectives (SIPO).

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