You choose what matters to you

You have four choices when joining mysuper. How much do you want to put in? How flexibly do you want to take it out? How much say do you want in the investment? Would you like the benefits of insurance? Your choices will depend on what you’d like and what suits your life.

What you’ll put in

How much would you like to put in? Your contribution rate can be anywhere from zero to 3% of your salary or more. Use the calculator to compare what you could save.

When you’ll access it

How flexibly do you want to access your mysuper investment? You can set your account to locked or unlocked, or both, depending on whether you want to access your money before 65 when leaving ACC, or you want some extra benefits from locking in.

How you'll invest

How much say do you want over where your money’s invested? You choose which fund type you’d like, or leave it to us to decide what will benefit you most.

Why add protection

Would you like the added benefit of insurance? Add life and income protection to have premiums paid from your account, and pre-existing conditions covered if 90 days since joining ACC.

it takes less time than making a cup of tea