Choose your insurance add-on

You can add on optional life and income protection insurance, with premiums paid directly from your mysuper account.

You'll benefit from lower premiums and automatic cover of pre-existing conditions (no fitness or medical tests) if added within 90 days of joining ACC, and your salary is less than $150,000. It's provided by AMP and is for mysuper Members only.

Life insurance

Your loved ones would receive a lump sum cash payment of three times your annual salary (up to $450,000) to help cover debts and expenses if you’re not around.

Income protection

If you suffer from a sickness or injury that prevents you from working, you would receive a tax-free monthly benefit of 50% of your annual salary (up to $6,250 a month, from the date of joining or 1 October, whichever is later) until you're back on your feet. Note redundancy is not covered, there is a 13-week stand-down period, and an expiry age of 65 years.

If you choose the mysuper insurance add-on within 90 days of joining ACC, your salary is less than $150,000 and you are at work on the day your cover commences, any pre-existing conditions will be covered.

If you apply outside of the first 90 days you can still add on the optional cover, but you will be subject to acceptance by the insurer after you complete a full application including medical information. Unless you have any underlying health issues this should not affect your premium. If there is an issue it may be that the premium is increased, or cover is declined, deferred or accepted with conditions.

Premiums can only be deducted from unlocked contributions so if you have chosen the 100% Locked account structure you aren't able to add-on our insurance cover. The KiwiSaver Act 2006 does not permit payment of insurance premiums out of locked retirement savings.

Income protection cover is based on working a minimum of 15 hours per week. Should your working hours change, or fall under 15 hours per week, please update us as soon as possible so we can update your cover accordingly.

At any time should you wish to cancel the optional insurance add-on you can also contact our team.

For the policy wording for each cover included please see the life insurance (PDF 508 KB) and income protection (PDF 781 KB) policies.

Our team can be contacted by emailing to discuss any insurance related questions you have.

Calculate your premiums and how much you’ll be covered for

Your premium is based on your age, gender and salary when you take up your cover and is reviewed 1 October each year.

How much you’re covered for


How much this will cost


To apply for your insurance cover fill in the form below and one of the mysuper team at Mercer Marsh Benefits will be in touch. The information provided here is intended as a guide only, there are exclusions and limits to the cover AMP provides.

For the policy wording see the life insurance (PDF 508 KB) and income protection (PDF 781 KB) policies.