Deferred Member withdrawal of unlocked retirement savings

Use this form ONLY if you chose to keep your retirement savings in mysuper when you left your employer, and want to make a withdrawal from your unlocked balance.

DO NOT use this form if you HAVE NOT left your employer. If you are about to leave your employer please use this form


If you chose to keep your retirement savings in mysuper as a Deferred Member when you left your employer, you can make withdrawals from your unlocked account balance.

We aim to pay or transfer your superannuation withdrawal within 15 working days of receiving your completed withdrawal form.


  • Are limited to no more than four per year in any 12 month period (starting 1 July each year), with a minimum of $500 per withdrawal.
  • Have a maximum cap of 80% of the Members unlocked account balance (unless the Member is exiting completely from mysuper)
  • Will be declined if it reduces a Member’s unlocked account balance below $1,000.00 (unless the Member is exiting completely from mysuper)
  • As at 30 September 2016 no fee will be charged for this type of withdrawal due to changes related to transition of mysuper into the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013.
  • Only members who have left their employer, who chose to keep their retirement savings in mysuper are able to request this type of withdrawal.

NOTE: No withdrawals from a Deferred Member's locked account will be made unless they are over 65 years of age (the current retirement age) but conditions do apply.

Investment Advice Disclosure

Money from your mysuper account forms an important part of your retirement savings. To ensure you reinvest your money in a way that will best meet your retirement needs, you may wish to obtain investment advice.

For investment advice relating to your specific circumstances, mysuper recommend that you consult an Authorised Financial Adviser. You can find a list of Authorised Financial Adviser in your area at (fees may apply).

I confirm that I have read and understood all of the important information provided above, relating to a Deferred Member withdrawal and accept the associated conditions that apply.

Member's personal details
Verifying your identity, residential address and bank account

For your security, privacy and for the purposes of the Anti-Money Laundering & Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 we're required to verify your identity, residential address and bank account number.

Please carefully check the documentation we require, to verify your identity, which you must upload to complete this form.


If you don't upload certified copies of your identification, residential address and bank account number, we won't be able to process your withdrawal.

Who can certify your documents?

Only the following people can certify original documents as true and correct copies:

  • New Zealand lawyer, who holds a current practicing certificate
  • Justice of the Peace
  • A Court Registrar 
  • a person who has legal authority to take statutory declarations in New Zealand.

Who can't certify your documents?

Please note that the certifier must be at least 18 years of age and cannot be:

  • a person related to you (i.e. parents, children, grandparents, cousins etc)
  • your spouse or partner
  • a person who lives at the same address as you
  • a person that you work with.
Upload your certified identity verification
Upload your certified address verification

You can upload files from your computer as long as you make sure all the details are clear. We only accept PDF files, up to a maximum of 2MB in size.

Over 65

You are eligible to withdraw from your unlocked, and possibly your locked balances.

Duration of mysuper
Customer information

Great. You can withdraw all of your retirement savings.

Over 65

Unfortunately, you can’t withdrawal all of your retirement savings now, just those that are unlocked. Locked retirement savings can’t be withdrawn until the later of:

  • The date on which you reach the New Zealand Superannuation Qualification Age (currently 65 years); or
  • The date on which you have been a Member of the mysuper, another Complying Superannuation Fund and/or a KiwiSaver Scheme for 5 years;
  • Or a date after that date.
Under 65
You can withdraw from your unlocked account balance only
Amount to withdraw

Enter amount to withdraw.


Please transfer my superannuation to the following KiwiSaver Scheme:


confirm that I have read and understood all of the important information provided above relating to a deferred member withdrawal, and accept the conditions that apply in the current mysuper Product Disclosure Statement and other material information.