What gets us out of bed?

You. You are our purpose and the reason why mysuper was created. Designed for ACC staff, our profits go right back to you, so you can live the life you want and retire the way you wish.

We invest, in you

mysuper is an independent, not-for-profit workplace savings scheme just for ACC staff. With over 3,950 members we manage over 280 million dollars of investment savings. Over the past 5 years:

Money our members used to buy their first home
$5.49 million
Insurance claims paid to support members and their families
$2.35 million

Why we’re here

Over 30 years ago mysuper was created to help all ACC staff save towards a more enjoyable retirement. Today it’s not just about retirement, it’s also about the life and goals you have along the way. Simple choices now, for more options later.

What matters to us

Seeing our members achieve their goals, is our ultimate goal. The more profit we make, the more you make. The more responsibly we invest, the more trust you’ll invest. Being at ACC makes us members too, so what matters to you genuinely matters to us too.

How we help

Members are at the heart of every action we take. That means offering you choices, listening to needs, and making the complex simple to understand. As a not-for-profit independent alternative to KiwiSaver, investing is made open, honest and possible.

Giving you more

When KiwiSaver entered the superannuation scene we wanted to make sure our members didn’t miss out on some of the advantages offered. So, we decided to add to our core offering by choosing to comply with the KiwiSaver Act 2006. As a complying scheme we get to offer you more choices than you would otherwise have.

it takes less time than making a cup of tea