How you structure, depends on the plans you have

Choose your account structure around goals and if you’d like flexibility. Do you want to access your money before 65? Would you prefer to gain more from locking away? Go 100% Unlocked, 100% Locked, or a bit of both with Minimum Locked. It’s up to you.

Locked, Unlocked or Minimum Locked

100% Locked gives you more through government contributions, and opens up the option to buy your first home. 100% Unlocked gives you greater flexibility with access before 65 on leaving ACC. While Minimum Locked gives you benefits from both with only 3% of contributions locked away.

Account features at a glance
100% Locked Min Locked 100% Unlocked

Unlocked contributions can be accessed once you leave ACC, either as a part or full withdrawal. Locked contributions follow the KiwiSaver Act 2006 and can be accessed when you have reached the NZ Superannuation age (currently 65 years), and left ACC. 

Did you know you don’t have to leave mysuper just because you leave ACC?

You can stop, start, increase or decrease your employee contributions and ACC employer contributions will still continue. Some rules apply to how often and when you can request it, but these are outlined on the appropriate forms.

Unlocked contributions can change to one of our locked structures at any time. However locked contributions cannot go to 100% Unlocked. Locked contributions can only be adjusted between 100% Locked and Minimum Locked.

Many members continue with their mysuper investment after leaving ACC. You can continue to benefit from the low fees and proven performance, and make withdrawals from your unlocked balance each financial year.

You may be eligible to receive a Government contribution of 50 cents for every dollar of your annual locked contribution (from 1 July to 30 June). Contribute $1,042.86 annually to qualify for the maximum Government contribution of $521.43. ACC's contribution does not count towards your Government contribution.

After three years of making locked employee contributions to mysuper, you may be able to withdraw from your locked balance to put a deposit towards buying your first home. Some rules apply.

After three years of making continuous locked employee contributions to mysuper, you may be eligible for a First Home Grant of up to $2,000 for each year you've been contributing (maximum $10,000 for five years). Visit Kāinga Ora (formerly Housing New Zealand) for details. Some rules apply.

Sadly no. Although we'd love to say yes, the KiwiSaver Act 2006 doesn't permit it as mysuper is only a complying scheme. If we were a registered KiwiSaver scheme we would be able to, but that would mean our original offering of unlocked contributions wouldn't be available to members.

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