What you put in, depends on what you want out

Choose your contribution rate around your personal life and goals. What are you aiming for? What can you manage? Contribute 0%, or anywhere between 3% and 85% (in multiples of 1%) to reach your investment goals.

Contributions calculator

Try different contribution rates to compare how much you could invest in mysuper.

Fortnightly this works out as

Your Contribution


ACC's Contribution


Less Tax (ESCT)


Your total fortnightly contributions


ACC contributions

ACC will contribute 9% (before tax) of your salary to your mysuper investment, no matter what you contribute. This is on top of your salary and taxed in line with personal income tax.

Change is possible

Just as goals change, so can your contributions. Feel free to increase or decrease your contribution rate at any time.

Give yourself a break

If parts of life take over, simply request a break from contributions (some rules apply), or a break from fees while on parental leave.

it takes less time than making a cup of tea