mysuper fees

Just like KiwiSaver and banks, fees are charged by mysuper. But because we’re not for profit we only charge you what your account costs to manage, nothing more!

The fees you pay cover just the investment management and administration fees to keep everything running smoothly and pay the experts to do what they do well – invest your retirement savings.  Even better news is our fees are lower than KiwiSaver.

What fees will you pay?

The fees you pay, or Annual Fund Charge as it’s called in the ‘super’ world, is charged as a percentage and is calculated by the mysuper Fund you select and the amount you have in your mysuper account.

Growth Fund

mysuper fees
Average KiwiSaver fees

Balanced Fund

mysuper fees
Average KiwiSaver fees

Conservative Fund

mysuper fees
Average KiwiSaver fees

Cash Fund

mysuper fees
Average KiwiSaver fees

Fees calculator

You can see what fees you’ll pay with mysuper using this handy tool. Just pick from the four mysuper Funds and enter an amount (if you’re already a mysuper member you could pop in your current account balance).

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Why do I pay fees?

The fees you pay cover just the investment management and administration fees to keep everything running smoothly and pay the experts to do what they do well. The smaller slice of the pie we take, the more there is left for you to enjoy!

Unlike say your bank where the fees charged are hidden and their profits are deducted before they pass any returns onto you (savings accounts, term deposits, current account etc) all our fees are transparent and clearly documented so you know exactly what we charge you. And because we're not for profit anything that is not spent to run mysuper is given back to our Members.


Are there any extra fees I may need to pay?

Yes. But only if you request us to complete something in particular for you. These are the main reasons for extra fees:

Investment Fund Switch Fee

If you make the decision to change investment funds you will be charged a $80 switch fee to cover the costs of buying and selling your investment.  The switch fee is designed to ensure any transaction and administration costs incurred as a result of you making a decision to change your investment fund/s are borne by you, and not other members of mysuper.

Written Benefit Quote Fee

You can view your mysuper account 24/7 by logging in to your mysuper account here.  Here you can see your current account balance, transaction, contributions and fees over the last 12 months.

However, if you need to know what your mysuper account was at a certain point (i.e. what was my account balance at 20 November 2016 for a relationship separation) or a detailed transaction recorded since I joined mysuper etc you will be charged $100 for a written benefit quote fee to cover the actual costs to compile this information. The written benefit quote fee is designed to cover the actual costs to compile the information a result of your decision to request the information and the cost is borne by you, and not other members of mysuper.

* Average KiwiSaver data was sourced on 31 May 2018, from and